When you choose a destination, you usually take into account certain factors such as the weather, the accommodation, the nightlife, the museums, and interesting places. But do you also find out about the type of impact that your vacation will have on the local community, if there is endangered fauna or any issue related to environmental pollution?

It is important to have a positive impact on the place you visit, that is why we share 5 tips that will help you become a responsable traveler concerned about the environment.

1. Local consumption

Local consumption fosters an equitable economy in which small businesses in the community will have the same opportunities as large companies, and this also promotes energy savings and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

2. Responsible use of water and energy

Other small actions, but with great long-term impact, are those that are taken on a daily basis, such as the conscious use of water for bathing and electricity to charge electronic devices.

3. Don’t contribute to animal exploitation and abuse

It is great to be able to travel and discover new species, but whenever you encounter animals, ask and investigate; Are the animals in the wild? Does your visit affect the care and improvement of the animals’ habitat?

Avoid places and shows where they are exploited and report any signs of exotic or wild species traffic.

4. Respect the local culture

Establish correct and cordial relationships with local populations, without prejudice. When you arrive at the destination, always try to adapt to local customs and uses, without imposing your habits and lifestyle.

5. Use sustainable transport

If the destination you are visiting allows it and it’s safe, it is recommended to use transport alternatives such as trains or buses to travel relatively close distances. The trip, in addition to contributing to the environment and reducing the personal carbon footprint, allows you to experience the destination in a closer way.

If public transport is not your thing, you can choose to travel the destination on foot or by bicycle, this form of transport is not only better for the environment, but it will also help you to get active and feel energized during the trip.

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