A virtual fair, as its name suggests, is a fair that takes place online and allows professionals to meet in a certain time and space, participants visit a virtual booth where they can interact with other people in the company, find information about the product or service, among others. Just like a trade show but carried out in a digital environment.

Virtual fair Expertos en convenciones

Some of the advantages of holding these fairs in a virtual environment are the following:

  • It is cheaper

The final operating costs are infinitely lower since companies avoid travel expenses. In turn, all costs related to the design, manufacture and assembly of stands and all types of corporate and support material are reduced.

  • Broader reach

To attend a virtual trade show, all that is needed is a computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. In this way, participants can attend from anywhere in the world, so the attendance rate exceeds that of a physical event.

  • Measurable results

Everything that happens in the online environment is measurable, so virtual fairs provide exhibitors with accurate information about the return on investment ROI and everything that happened during the event is recorded, allowing them to improve and focus on better actions and future events.

  • Greater agility

Virtual trade fairs are more agile than physical ones. In order to attend, participants do not have to travel from one place to another or reserve a large part of the day for the event. While the virtual fair is in progress, they can go directly to the stands they are interested in and obtain the information they are looking for at their own pace and with greater efficiency.

This makes it easier for the people involved to manage their time according to their lifestyle and feel more comfortable with the experience.

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