Tips to make your virtual event a success


Virtual events have become much more frequent since the beginning of the pandemic and they are a key alternative for all those companies that had planned an important face-to-face event.

That is why we share with you some tips that will help you create a successful virtual event.

Choose the right virtual platform

One of the main keys to succeed in a virtual event is to have the necessary digital tools and in Expertos en convenciones we offer a modern solution for the transmission of your events online.

Create valuable content

The content of the online event is the most important thing, therefore, choosing the topic is a crucial part and the first thing that must be specified for the online event to go as expected has to be attractive, interesting and valuable for attendees, and will have to get to provide the greatest possible value.

Establish flexible schedules

Try to choose convenient times to broadcast live and offer downloadable content for when your audience wants to consult it, and don’t forget to add breaks between presentations.

Create a visual identity

The event’s communication strategy must be visually attractive. The web platform and the graphics of the entire virtual event must follow the brand’s corporate line.

Encourages interaction

Including a virtual interaction is important to keep the viewers’ attention. You can implement a question and answer session, interactive videos and a game or dynamic, the important thing is to involve all attendees of the event.



Adventure tourism in Mexico, Discover the best destinations!

Adventure tourism is an option that attracts new generations, since it represents an experience of physical liberation and recreation, to which culture and nature are also added. Our country has a great variety of destinations which are perfect to practice this activity; here are some options that you can visit on your next trip.

Barrancas del Cobre, Chihuahua

These canyons of the Sierra Tarahumara offer the possibility of practicing several adventure activities, such as hiking, horseback riding, climbing, rappelling, mountain biking, canyoning and rafting.

The Barrancas del Cobre Adventure Park offers all the facilities for you to practice your favorite entertainment and has zip lines, cable cars and many other amusements. Be sure to visit the Tarahumara communities, ancestral inhabitants of the highlands, with their unique cultural traits.

Jalcomulco, Veracruz

This destination is known as “The rafting capital”. In Jalcomulco it is possible to take advantage of its rapids and rivers with mild and moderate currents, if you are not an expert. There are also areas for rappelling, zip-lining, hiking, trekking and mountain bike rides, without forgetting the Veracruz gastronomy that complements this adventure.

Nevado de Toluca, Estado de México

The Nevado de Toluca is an active volcano that offers several possibilities for adventure tourism in Mexico, as well as pleasant activities in contact with nature. On its slopes there are hiking and mountain biking trails and in winter climbers take advantage of the snow on its highest part.

Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosí

The city is known as “the gateway to the Huasteca Potosina”, where the warm climate is the pretext for water sports in the Micos, Tampaón and Santa María rivers; for the more extreme, there are activities such as canyoning, rafting, kayaking and rappel. It is also possible to explore caves, visit archeological sites and visit the emblematic Edward James Garden in the Magic Town of Xilitla.

Valle de Bravo, Estado de México

In Mexico, one of the best places to practice paragliding is Valle de Bravo, a town in the state of Mexico that has ideal weather conditions for this type of flight.

5 Team Building benefits

Team Building encompasses a wide variety of activities oriented and structured to improve the performance of workers in a company, it is also one of the key tools in organizational development and conflict resolution. Here are 5 benefits of implementing Team Building in your company

1. Increases employee motivation

Employee motivation is key to achieving business goals. But it is not only important for the smooth running of the company, but also for the well-being of the employees: employees who are highly motivated in their occupation are happier in their jobs and therefore perform better.

2. Improve communication

Communication is key in the business environment and is essential for the company to function and develop properly. Some of the effects of effective business communication are: keeping employees motivated, committed, favoring an inclusive work environment and, of course, improving the company’s competitiveness.

3. Increases worker creativity

The synergy that occurs among employees, thanks to the Team Building intervention, also has an impact on creativity and problem solving. Team Building not only causes growth for the team, but also for the employees, who maximize their individual potential. The team is more than the sum of its members.

4. Improves the work environment

When the work environment is positive, employees enjoy their work more and, as a result, their performance improves. In this regard by fostering communication and interpersonal relationships, Team Building improves the work environment, which has an impact on the company’s productivity.

5. Allows to analyze the areas of improvement and correct them

If these dynamics are well elaborated, it is possible to analyze the relationship between employees. Thanks to this analysis, it is possible to know what needs to be worked on in order to take measures to correct those factors that affect the work environment and interfere with the smooth running of the company.

Discover the safest countries to travel during pandemic

Muralla China

Planyts has conducted a study using data collected from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the University of Oxford to determine the safest countries to travel in this pandemic.

The study is based on four basic axes to determine how feasible it is to travel somewhere in times of pandemic. For example, the number of people vaccinated is taken into account. Every seven days, the study’s managers count the number of new confirmed cases so that they can calculate the probability of contracting coronavirus while on vacation in a given place.

These are the safest countries for pandemic travel:


With a vaccination process in which 54 out of 100 people have received at least one dose of the vaccine, low Covid-19 cases reported in the last 7 days and a low population density, Iceland ranks second in the world and first in Europe.

From April 6, 2021, Iceland will welcome the arrival of tourists on the sole condition that they have been vaccinated against Covid-19.


2. China

Believe it or not, the country where the pandemic started, now occupies the second place in this ranking because its security measures have considerably reduced the number of infections. In the last week, only one infection per 100,000 people has been reported, a very encouraging figure for the Chinese.

3. Australia

The land of kangaroos and koalas is one of the places with the highest vaccination rate, since 8.76 out of every 100 people are already vaccinated. Infections are also very low and, out of an average of 100 thousand people, around 0.60 have been infected. In the last seven days, there have been no deaths due to covid-19 and infections have been reduced.

4.New Zealand

New Zealand, thanks to its containment strategy, was one of the first countries to move to alert level one. Did you know that New Zealand has one of the most varied ranges of natural landscapes? From warm beaches to snow-capped mountains.
Nueva Zelanda

5. Marruecos

Entering the African continent, Morocco is the safest country, as its vaccination plan has advanced by leaps and bounds and 25.2 people out of every 100 are vaccinated so far. In addition, infections are decreasing.




Advantages of a virtual fair

A virtual fair, as its name suggests, is a fair that takes place online and allows professionals to meet in a certain time and space, participants visit a virtual booth where they can interact with other people in the company, find information about the product or service, among others. Just like a trade show but carried out in a digital environment.

Virtual fair Expertos en convenciones

Some of the advantages of holding these fairs in a virtual environment are the following:

  • It is cheaper

The final operating costs are infinitely lower since companies avoid travel expenses. In turn, all costs related to the design, manufacture and assembly of stands and all types of corporate and support material are reduced.

  • Broader reach

To attend a virtual trade show, all that is needed is a computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. In this way, participants can attend from anywhere in the world, so the attendance rate exceeds that of a physical event.

  • Measurable results

Everything that happens in the online environment is measurable, so virtual fairs provide exhibitors with accurate information about the return on investment ROI and everything that happened during the event is recorded, allowing them to improve and focus on better actions and future events.

  • Greater agility

Virtual trade fairs are more agile than physical ones. In order to attend, participants do not have to travel from one place to another or reserve a large part of the day for the event. While the virtual fair is in progress, they can go directly to the stands they are interested in and obtain the information they are looking for at their own pace and with greater efficiency.

This makes it easier for the people involved to manage their time according to their lifestyle and feel more comfortable with the experience.

Wellness Tourism in Mexico: Discover the best hotels!

Wellness tourism is the new way to travel. It has become especially popular in the wake of the pandemic and the travel restrictions that have been imposed in various parts of the world. For this reason, travelers are looking for options that connect them with nature or offer other attractions within the facilities.

On this occasion we share with you five hotels in Mexico where you can experience this form of unique experiences.

1. Xinalani, Puerto Vallarta

Xinalani is an exclusive boutique hotel and wellness and retreat center located on a beautiful private beach in the south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Access is by boat only. It features 33 spacious cabins and Eco-chic rooms, nutritious Mexican food with vegan and vegetarian options, outdoor activities such as surfing, yoga and Eco-tours.


2. El Santuario, Valle de Bravo

El Santuario Resort located at the shore of Valle de Bravo’s lake has a great view and has been qualified for many years as the best Hotel in Valle de Bravo. Ideal to spend from a romantic weekend to a complete vacation season with the whole family enjoying all the advantages and services such as: sailing, ski, canoeing, tennis, golf, besides it has one of the most important SPA in the country.

El Santuario

3. Monte Coxala, Ajijic

Monte Coxala is a hotel inspired by the ancestral architecture of Mexico, offers a sacred space for treatments that nurture, care and align your health at all levels filling us with a deep sense of holistic wellness.

They work with natural resources channeling thermal waters in their facilities, which lead to experience the benefits of these natural healing therapies that facilitate and promote the integral well-being of the human being, allowing us to freely balance our physical, mental and spiritual energy.

4. Holistika, Tulum

Holistika Tulum offers a space for those who desire wellness, peace and happiness. This boutique hotel and holistic center is located in the middle of the Mayan jungle. So you can listen to the sound of the various birds that come to rest or feed in the trees of this site that arose to observe and reflect.

Holistika Tulum offers different activities to balance and recollect with your inner self, such as ashtanga yoga classes, vinyasa, acroyoga, detox flow, kundalini, sound therapy, spiritual retreats, among others.

Holistika Tulum

5. Hostal de la luz, Amatlán

Hostal de la luz is a holistic hotel located in Amatlán, surrounded by the Tepozteco mountain range. It has 46 exclusive rooms designed with bioenergetic Feng Shui techniques and offers activities such as yoga, meditation, labyrinth walking, sound healing and tai-chi, all included in your stay.


What are hybrid events? And why you should implement them this year

Eventos híbridos

The crisis generated by Covid-19 has dealt a hard blow to the Meetings and Events Industry (MICE), which has been one of the most affected tourism sectors and one of those that will recover later.

The slow recovery of the sector will cause many associations and companies to look for alternatives to continue developing events safely, and although face-to-face meetings are not going to disappear since human interaction is fundamental, until the situation improves, technology can be an ally for organizers who want to develop meetings and events.

evento virtual

Hybrid events combine the physical world with the virtual world, resulting in more interactive and participatory events. Thanks to the inclusion of the virtual part in the face-to-face event, we obtain a greater reach since we can count on participants from all over the world without them having to travel.

Hybrid events allow real-time feedback from participants, providing relevant information that allows organizers to make strategic decisions about the development of the event itself.

Some of the advantages of hybrid events are the following:

  • Savings in time and money in travel for attendees and/or participants.
  • Larger audiences.
  • Easier to analyze the impact of the event.
  • Improved traffic in social networks.
  • It is more friendly for new generations.

Moreover, in times of pandemic, these advantages are added to these pluses:

  • Compliance with security measures without giving up greater audience reach.
  • Easier to move the event completely into cyberspace in case of new confinements.

5 travel trends this 2021

tendencias en viajes

Nature, domestic and rural travel are the top travel trends this 2021.

Tourism, hard hit in 2020 by COVID-19, awaits recovery, but with the pandemic still with us and changes in travelers’ priorities, new models are emerging that will shape the future of tourism this year.

1. Domestic Travel

Domestic travel is trending in destinations.  People will not want to or will not be able to fly far and will look for destinations closer to where they can travel by car. They will also leave the big cities and prefer the countryside, mountains, and coasts. And less massive destinations will be sought, a great opportunity for emerging or less popular places so far.


2. Nature tourism

This activity is quite diversified and revolves around contact with nature and its preservation, so it is deeply linked to sustainable tourism. It will gain strength due to the appreciation of nature and green spaces after having been confined at home or in big cities for a long time

Turismo de naturaleza

3. Rural tourism

Cottage rentals, camping stays, outdoor activities, and sports will be in high demand. During the pandemic, the alternative of rural and nature tourism has become increasingly popular. Tourists want to travel to small communities, usually rural, in order to experience their lifestyle and culture or, in some cases, to disconnect from the city.

4. Wellness tourism

Wellness tourism is a direct branch of health tourism that aims to achieve physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. For this reason, tourists choose destinations that offer activities related to each area, such as yoga, meditation, or spiritual retreats. This type of tourism is becoming more popular as the concept of mindfulness spreads and as society becomes more aware of the importance of connecting with the planet and with ourselves.


5. Booking flexibility

With the current pandemic situation and uncertainty, flexibility will be key for many travelers. Airlines know this and many have included insurance and contingency flexibility, as have hotels and hotel chains.

Technologies that will boost tourism 2021

tendencias tecnológicas

One of the things that the pandemic accelerated globally was the use and development of technologies that allow travelers to make travel processes more efficient and less touching.

For this reason, tourism will be boosted by technological advances that allow from checking in without physical contact to finding new ways to interact with other people and request, for example, services in hotels, airplanes, or restaurants.

Voice command

The use of intelligent assistants that work through voice commands, such as Google Home or Alexa from Amazon, is becoming more and more widespread. This technology is being used in the accommodation spaces to control different devices, such as the television, the coffee machine, or the curtains, and thus make the stay more pleasant.

Comando de voz

Contactless technology

Contactless systems range from faster payment methods, booking services, scanning restaurant menus, and even checking in or opening rooms without the need for physical keys.

Natural Language Processing

To ensure an unparalleled guest experience, companies will increasingly turn to technologies such as artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing, which analyze conversations and interactions with users to identify areas of opportunity that allow them to devise better services or operational processes.

Inteligencia artificial

Facial recognition

One of the technologies that are booming is facial recognition. Several airports in the world have chosen to use facial recognition at the boarding gates of planes so that people’s passports and boarding documents do not have to be checked by humans.

Together, these technologies could become an important catalyst to boost tourism and travel this 2021 and offer travelers greater security during their travels.

The UNWTO is promoting a new code of legal protection for tourists


The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has presented the International Code for the Protection of Tourists. The plan seeks to raise the legal backing of travelers as consumers and will provide tourists affected by emergency situations with clearer and more consistent assistance conditions worldwide.

The Committee for the Development of an International Code for the Protection of Tourists was attended by 92 UNWTO Member States. Together, they adopted a specific action plan aimed at restoring tourists’ confidence, thanks common and harmonized framework.

In the coming next weeks, International Organizations, the European Commission and the Private Stakeholders will be invited to join this initiative to achieve a more fair and balanced share of responsibilities among all tourism stakeholders in the post-COVID-19 world.

Recommendations for the Assistance to International Tourists in Emergency Situations:

  • Preventing potential problems by developing, implementing coordination protocols, and training tourism stakeholders.
  • Providing real-time information for tourists.
  • Addressing cross-border cooperation between governments and tourism service providers.
  • Fostering close collaboration between governments and travel and accommodation providers.
  • Addressing the effective repatriation of tourists.

The next UNWTO General Assembly is expected to be held at the end of 2021 in Morocco, where a report will be presented on the progress made with the development of the international code.