Comprehensive Services


We have the necessary tools and resources for your event or convention to become a success. Choose one or several of the services we offer to help prepare for your corporate meeting.



We appreciate the investment you make in your CONVENTION to generate the growth of your business to bring together subject matter experts and the audience, with the purpose of presenting commercial projects, such as: launching a new products, brand or corporate imaging, a presentation of new developments and innovations, or just personal motivation.


We know the importance and the constant global positioning that Mexico gives to national and international conferences. That is why we offer you, the host, a commitment to excellence, so you may receive from us, across the organization, the experience needed to achieve an illustrious event through the Mexican culture, its resources, its colonial architecture, and cuisine that will make your conference is unique and memorable.


Today travel incentives are widely used by companies to motivate and build morale for their workers, improve productivity and meet company objectives through lectures, activities or competitions; all taking place during their INCENTIVE TRAVEL stay. Its high performance is clearly demonstrated by achieving clear communication, enhance sales, foster teamwork and to promote a memorable experience and a commitment to the company. “A motivated employee has a greater commitment to the company, while one that’s not, produces a higher cost to lower productivity and can have a negative effect on your customers”.


You cannot find the ideal place to launch your new products?

Exhibitions centers are designed specifically for the sale of spaces and services through calls, usually public, where exhibitors have a great opportunity to showcase their products and / or services to market to their customers.


As part of the academic training and formation of graduate students, are you looking for general experiences for initiation practices in research or university extensions?

We can create your event in order to live the experience; where at the end, the students will be recognized with curricular value, which will be an opportunity to develop their skills and abilities in initiating their careers.


Today the training goes beyond the company; it becomes necessary to train distributors, vendors and users on the goods or services provided by the company. As a result, the skills, attitudes and behaviors of your employees improves their jobs for the benefit of your company. Let us provide alternative training outside your own company.


We offer excellent choices for a vacation or holiday with family, friends or colleagues.

Beach, city, mountains or anywhere you have in mind, we look for the best option according to your budget as well as various activities and tour services that your destination offers.


We look for different options of training, education and summer camps.

Commune with nature, enjoy the outdoors, improve social relationships and unforgettable experiences either with family or friends, are some of the positive aspects that are included in these activities.