What are hybrid events? And why you should implement them this year

Eventos híbridos

The crisis generated by Covid-19 has dealt a hard blow to the Meetings and Events Industry (MICE), which has been one of the most affected tourism sectors and one of those that will recover later.

The slow recovery of the sector will cause many associations and companies to look for alternatives to continue developing events safely, and although face-to-face meetings are not going to disappear since human interaction is fundamental, until the situation improves, technology can be an ally for organizers who want to develop meetings and events.

evento virtual

Hybrid events combine the physical world with the virtual world, resulting in more interactive and participatory events. Thanks to the inclusion of the virtual part in the face-to-face event, we obtain a greater reach since we can count on participants from all over the world without them having to travel.

Hybrid events allow real-time feedback from participants, providing relevant information that allows organizers to make strategic decisions about the development of the event itself.

Some of the advantages of hybrid events are the following:

  • Savings in time and money in travel for attendees and/or participants.
  • Larger audiences.
  • Easier to analyze the impact of the event.
  • Improved traffic in social networks.
  • It is more friendly for new generations.

Moreover, in times of pandemic, these advantages are added to these pluses:

  • Compliance with security measures without giving up greater audience reach.
  • Easier to move the event completely into cyberspace in case of new confinements.