Discover the safest countries to travel during pandemic

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Planyts has conducted a study using data collected from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the University of Oxford to determine the safest countries to travel in this pandemic.

The study is based on four basic axes to determine how feasible it is to travel somewhere in times of pandemic. For example, the number of people vaccinated is taken into account. Every seven days, the study’s managers count the number of new confirmed cases so that they can calculate the probability of contracting coronavirus while on vacation in a given place.

These are the safest countries for pandemic travel:


With a vaccination process in which 54 out of 100 people have received at least one dose of the vaccine, low Covid-19 cases reported in the last 7 days and a low population density, Iceland ranks second in the world and first in Europe.

From April 6, 2021, Iceland will welcome the arrival of tourists on the sole condition that they have been vaccinated against Covid-19.


2. China

Believe it or not, the country where the pandemic started, now occupies the second place in this ranking because its security measures have considerably reduced the number of infections. In the last week, only one infection per 100,000 people has been reported, a very encouraging figure for the Chinese.

3. Australia

The land of kangaroos and koalas is one of the places with the highest vaccination rate, since 8.76 out of every 100 people are already vaccinated. Infections are also very low and, out of an average of 100 thousand people, around 0.60 have been infected. In the last seven days, there have been no deaths due to covid-19 and infections have been reduced.

4.New Zealand

New Zealand, thanks to its containment strategy, was one of the first countries to move to alert level one. Did you know that New Zealand has one of the most varied ranges of natural landscapes? From warm beaches to snow-capped mountains.
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5. Marruecos

Entering the African continent, Morocco is the safest country, as its vaccination plan has advanced by leaps and bounds and 25.2 people out of every 100 are vaccinated so far. In addition, infections are decreasing.




Technologies that will boost tourism 2021

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One of the things that the pandemic accelerated globally was the use and development of technologies that allow travelers to make travel processes more efficient and less touching.

For this reason, tourism will be boosted by technological advances that allow from checking in without physical contact to finding new ways to interact with other people and request, for example, services in hotels, airplanes, or restaurants.

Voice command

The use of intelligent assistants that work through voice commands, such as Google Home or Alexa from Amazon, is becoming more and more widespread. This technology is being used in the accommodation spaces to control different devices, such as the television, the coffee machine, or the curtains, and thus make the stay more pleasant.

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Contactless technology

Contactless systems range from faster payment methods, booking services, scanning restaurant menus, and even checking in or opening rooms without the need for physical keys.

Natural Language Processing

To ensure an unparalleled guest experience, companies will increasingly turn to technologies such as artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing, which analyze conversations and interactions with users to identify areas of opportunity that allow them to devise better services or operational processes.

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Facial recognition

One of the technologies that are booming is facial recognition. Several airports in the world have chosen to use facial recognition at the boarding gates of planes so that people’s passports and boarding documents do not have to be checked by humans.

Together, these technologies could become an important catalyst to boost tourism and travel this 2021 and offer travelers greater security during their travels.