Tips to make your virtual event a success


Virtual events have become much more frequent since the beginning of the pandemic and they are a key alternative for all those companies that had planned an important face-to-face event.

That is why we share with you some tips that will help you create a successful virtual event.

Choose the right virtual platform

One of the main keys to succeed in a virtual event is to have the necessary digital tools and in Expertos en convenciones we offer a modern solution for the transmission of your events online.

Create valuable content

The content of the online event is the most important thing, therefore, choosing the topic is a crucial part and the first thing that must be specified for the online event to go as expected has to be attractive, interesting and valuable for attendees, and will have to get to provide the greatest possible value.

Establish flexible schedules

Try to choose convenient times to broadcast live and offer downloadable content for when your audience wants to consult it, and don’t forget to add breaks between presentations.

Create a visual identity

The event’s communication strategy must be visually attractive. The web platform and the graphics of the entire virtual event must follow the brand’s corporate line.

Encourages interaction

Including a virtual interaction is important to keep the viewers’ attention. You can implement a question and answer session, interactive videos and a game or dynamic, the important thing is to involve all attendees of the event.