Glamping is an ideal option for those people who love to spend time in contact with nature but without sacrificing the convenience and comfort of a hotel.

Mexico is a country with multiple landscapes and natural wonders, which is why several of its destinations for this activity. Below we tell you five places where you can take a well-deserved rest in a natural environment and without losing style.

Matices Hotel de Barricas, Tequila

Located in one of the most popular Magical Towns in Mexico, Matices Hotel de Barricas is a unique place in the country, because it allows you to enjoy nature and stay in tequila barrels. The rooms are distributed in a beautiful agave field within the La Cofradía Tequila factory, where tours and Tequila tastings are also offered.

Matices Hotel de Barricas
Picture: Matices Hotel de Barricas

Campera Hotel Burbuja, Ensenada

This innovative concept consists of a unique and ecological resort that offers a luxurious experience, having rooms with a dome that will allow you to sleep under a beautiful starry sky and wake up surrounded by immense fields of vineyards. The hotel has gastronomic and wine tours to enjoy the best of this region.

Hotel Burbuja
Picture: Campera Hotel Brubuja

Harmony Glamping, Tulum

Harmony Glamping Tulum features luxuriously furnished tents with all the amenities of a traditional hotel room. In addition, the rooms are surrounded by beautiful gardens and in contact with nature. Each part of the hotel was built with environmentally friendly materials and techniques, offering a pleasant, natural, and memorable experience.

Picture: Harmony Clamping Tulum

Playa Viva, Zihuatanejo

This beautiful hotel is also friendly to the environment and allows you to enjoy a complete vacation in contact with nature. Playa Viva has 12 eco-friendly rooms, each with a view of the beach. Among them, stands out its tree house, located between palm trees.

Playa Viva
Picture: Playa Viva

Tendo Glamping, Tepoztlán

If you are looking for a break near Mexico City, Tendo Glamping is the ideal place for you. Disconnect from the world and escape to Tepoztlán to camp in style and enjoy endless activities. In addition to the latest trend in luxurious cabins and being 100% sustainable, Tendo Glamping has a miniature golf course, zip line, climbing wall, pool and a spa.

Tendo Glamping
Picture: Tendo Glamping


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